starting tomorrow

Starting tomorrow.

Starting tomorrow whatever life throws at me, I’m ducking so it hits someone else! Do you ever just have enough and think its time life starts picking on somebody else for a change. I’ve had enough problems to last a life time and just wish I had time off from all the stress, and its …

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never sing in the shower

Never sing in the shower.

Never sing in the shower. Singing leads to dancing, dancing leads to slipping and slipping leads to paramedics seeing you naked. So remember… Don’t sing! Does anyone else belt out tunes in the shower as if they are on x factor?! I love doing karaoke in the shower. No one can hear or judge, and …

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Pretend to be asleep

Pretend to be asleep.

I pretend to be asleep and then I fall asleep. Now I’m going to pretend I’m skinny. Isn’t it weird that the only way to fall asleep is to actually pretend that you are asleep by closing your eyes. You have to laying still and TRY not to think of anything. I hate that, because …

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when you drop something

When you drop something.

You drop something when you were younger, you just pick it up. When you’re older and you drop something, you stare at it for a bit contemplating if you actually need it anymore. …Or you think if you stare at it long enough it will magically jump back into your hand. That is really just …

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Probably shouldn't say that

Probably shouldn’t say that.

I’ve reached that age where my brain goes from; ‘You probably shouldn’t say that’ to ‘What the hell, let’s see what happens!’ I think it’s true! The older you are the less you care about what people think and what you say. You realise it doesn’t matter what others think, you are entitled to your …

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Old age comes at a bad time

Old age comes at a bad time.

Old age comes at a bad time, You finally know everything just in time to forget it. This couldn’t be more true. If only I knew what I know now back when I was younger. Life has strange ways. I guess it’s just that way, so we can be tested and learn valuable lessons. But …

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