Veteran Dances His Heart Out At Airport

Veteran Dances His Heart Out At Airport

WWII Veteran Dances His Heart Out At The Airport — And It’s Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day!

During a layover at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, one energetic WWII veteran proved that age is just a number.

In the video, three woman entertain the awaiting airline passengers by singing The Andrews Sisters’s “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.” Suddenly,  an old man — who appears to have abandoned his walking cane — emerges from the crowd and dances his heart out.

When you see his fancy footwork he suddenly doesn’t look so fragile anymore. He is dancing around like he’s a 20-year-old. Before long other veterans start dancing alongside him. They even grab a few females from the crowd for a little swing dancing fun. Seriously, this old guy has some serious dance moves!

Even after two minutes of nonstop dancing, this man shows no signs of even beginning to slow down. Go Grandpa! This video is a wonderful combination of hilarious imagery and some seriously impressive dance moves. This is how we all hope we’ll behave when we’re older.

Video Source – Kelli Oakley

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