Son Wrote Touching Letters To Dog

Son Wrote Touching Letters To Dog

A Mom And Son Wrote Touching Letters To Dog, But Never Expected To Get An Answer

When Moe, Mary Archizel Westbook’s 13-year-old beagle, died this past April, she was heartbroken. Her three-year-old son Luke was also devastated. To comfort themselves over the loss of their beloved family member, Mary and Luke took to writing Moe letters every so often. Luke would dictate them, and Mary would write them down. The letters were addressed “Moe Westbrook, Doggie Heaven, Cloud 1.”

Here’s an adorable shot of Moe and Luke on the couch. Ever since meeting Moe 13 years ago, Mary says that he “made things more complicated and smelly — but also, well, wonderful. I still miss him every day.”

Though Mary put the letters in the mailbox every time Luke wanted to talk to his canine companion, she didn’t think she’d ever get a response. It was simply a way to remember Moe and help Luke comprehend death. But then something unexpected happened.

One morning, a letter appeared. There was no stamp, and the return address simply read “From Moe.”

Mary was shocked. In her online post, she said that she was planning on giving Luke the note later that day.


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