Unsnap that bra.

unsnap that bra

Men will never understand how joyful it makes us feel to unsnap that bra, whip it through our shirt and fling it across the room whilst watching TV.

We as women don’t get many pleasures in life. Especially if we are Mother’s and wives. With hectic lives and constantly looking after other people. So all those women will agree this small act brings so much joy. The feeling of freedom after a long day. There is no other feeling. It is something than men will just not be able to understand or compare. To be honest I can’t think of a comparison for them. Because most don’t do the jobs we do. Or deal with the stuff we do. So when the end of the day nears, and we can finally sit down for more than five minutes. Nothing is more amazing than un-clipping those tiny hooks. Bring each arm those those straps. Pulling that BRA OFF and flinging it across the room. You know that is the height of joy.

And to be honest it is quite a skill. Because I bet men couldn’t manoeuvre that thing like we can. For a starters they can barely unsnap it. Let alone the flexibility to get it off without stripping off all your top layers. To be honest that it just one of many skills women have.

So Unsnap that bra ladies and be free!

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