THIS Is How You Are Meant To Use A Colander

THIS Is How You Are Meant To Use A Colander

THIS Is How You Are Meant To Use A Colander …We’ve Been Doing It Wrong Our Entire Life!

A colander is one example of an invention that comes in super handy. Whoever invented it was pure genius as it allows you to easily separate rice or pasta from the water without making a huge mess. Or at least, that is the theory…

Instead what tends to happen is you spend far too long trying to avoid burning yourself with the water, avoiding an impromptu facial steam and losing half your food into the bottom of the sink.

Basically for an invention that is meant to make life easier, using a colander can be tricky business! Because it doesn’t come with instructions so what is the right way of using it? Where do you put it? Over another bowl or in the sink? How do you make sure all of the pasta or rice actually ends up in the colander when you can’t see a thing through the steam coming off the boiling water? How are you supposed to avoid the boiling water splashing back and burning you?

Well, we have finally found the answer to all your questions and boy do we feel stupid.  Just use it the other way around! Twitter user Diabella made an amazing discovery about how to use your colander in a completely different way.

Absolutely fantastic, right? Did you already know this genius life hack! We will definitely be straining our pasta this way in the future!

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