This Boy Held His Salute For An Hour

Boy Held His Salute For An Hour

He’s Only 11 But This Boy Held His Salute For An Hour, What Happens At 5:02 Will Move You To Tears!

This little boy was so impacted by our American Veterans, he was determined to find a way to honor them. But when I saw what this 11-year-old did, it brought me to tears. This will make your day!

During the official D-Day celebration, the little boy wasn’t allowed to partake while in his WWII-styled uniform. So the little guy marched his American flag down to Omaha Beach and planted it in the sand.

Despite being all alone, he stared out into the ocean and fought to hold the flag steady in the wind. When the tide crept in, he held his ground and refused to retreat. He wanted to thank all of the faithful Americans who had died fighting fascism and evil.

What happens next will move you to tears. This is amazing.


Wow, what an incredible young man. Thank you for honoring the memory of our fallen American troops. Because of people like you, they will never be forgotten.

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