Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men

As far back as humans can remember, men have always been the ones who take the biggest risks with their lives. They have always been the ones to expose themselves to the dangerous around them compared to women. For example, even as far back as cavemen times, the women stayed in the caves, while the men went out hunting with spears against the wild animals. Again, back in the world wars it was the men that left to fight while the women stayed home to take care and raise the children. Although times are changing, it can’t be a coincidence that they are more prone to risks. Here are photos to prove that no matter what decade we are in, this is why women will always live longer than men… 

Here are two perfect examples of men verses ladders. Both perfectly balanced very precariously. Both extremely dangerous!

We really hope that those gas canisters are empty. Else these sparks are going to cause a serious accident!

Forget any health and safety measures here, this man is helping his friend by holding his ankles.

Here are mechanics fixing cars like urmm professionals. They are living very dangerously with the vehicles balancing above their heads!


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