The Man And The Cow

The Man And The Cow

The Man And The Cow

A Moral Story That Perfectly Proves The Quote “If you’re absent during my struggle…”

A man slaughtered a big cow, lit the grill and said to his daughter.

“Daughter, call our friends and neighbours to eat with us… let us feast!”

His daughter took to the street and started shouting.

“Please help us put out a fire at my Dad’s house!”.

After a few moments, a small group of people came out and the rest acted like they didn’t hear the cry for help.

Those who came ate and drank until splitting.

The stunned father turned to his daughter and said to her “The people who came I don’t know them and had never seen them before, so where are our friends and colleagues?”

The daughter said “Those who came out of their homes came to help us put out a fire in our house and not for the party.
These are the ones who deserve our generosity and hospitality”

Conclusion:Those who don’t help you during your struggle, shouldn’t eat with you at your victory party!

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