No one notices

No one notices

No one notices your TEARS,
No one notices your SADNESS,
No one notices your PAINS,
but they all notice your

In life people are always to egar to jump on your flaws and mistakes. There are only a select few people that will bring you up when you are feeling down. But there are far more people behind the scenes waiting to tear you down. It seems it is easier to make someone feel bad then it is to invest time making someone feel good.

You could be in so much turmoil and not a single helping hand is offered. But if you make a single mistake then everyone is quick to call you out for it. Far too many focus on the negatives and will hound you for all the wrong you’ve done. Without stopping to think about the good you’ve done. Or even the circumstances in which you are in, which might have lead to those choices (be them right or wrong.)

This is why we need more people to focus on the positives and spread positivity everywhere.

Be the person that helps rather than drags someone down further.

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