Man Finds Magic Lamp

Man Finds Magic Lamp

Man Finds Magic Lamp …What He Wishes For Is Pure Gold

While walking along a beach, a man finds a lamp and rubs it off.

A genie appears and offers to grant the man one wish.

The man replys, “What about three?”

The genie retorts ” Look pal, I’m in a hurry, I’ve been cooped up in that lamp for. . .”

“OK, alright” the guy responds. “Tell you what, I’m tired of paying for airplane tickets to Hawaii. I’d like you to build a bridge from California to Hawaii.”

This annoys the genie off.

He screams, “Hey, this isn’t the movies. Your wish has to be practical….

…Do you know the engineering it would take to design that, the materials it would take, you’d have to compensate for plate tectonics, the continental shelf. . .”

“Geez” the guy responds, “Well, I’d really like to understand women.”

The genie responds “Did you want two lanes or four?”

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