Mom I’m sorry.

mom im sorry

Mom, I’m sorry for all the things I did when I was a kid. Will you please take off the curse that my kids will be ten times worse than me? I can’t take it any more.

I used to wonder why my Mom used to say ‘you just wait’. Like what does she mean. My children wont be misbehaved. I wasn’t such a bad child, what is she talking about saying they will be worse than me. Then I become a parent. I am sure she cursed them, I am truly sorry Mom for all the stress and worry I must have caused you. You really don’t realise as a child.

But wow it is so crazy how much a Mom puts up with every day. Or any parent for that matter. It’s like she could predict the future. Obviously she had to deal with me as a child so knew just how hard to handle I was. But I’m sure I couldn’t have been this bad! Did her wish come true and they really are ten times worse. They are her little angels like butter wouldn’t melt but to me they are crazy chaos and I don’t know how she coped.

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