If you have children remember this.

If you have children remember this

If you have children remember this;
When you finish with them, the rest of the world has to live with them. So please teach them respect.

There is so much negativity in the world at the moment. If only we could all just pause. Take time to reflect and most importantly LISTEN. Everything is done in haste and anger. Then it is not so easy to undo the mistakes and hurt that follows. We are all guilty of not doing enough. Because if we all just did a little bit more, the world wouldn’t be in as much of a state as it is now. I know it seems impossible now to backtrack and undo all the past mistakes. So we need to look ahead to the future, and ask ourselves what can we do better at. The answer is simple.

Our children. They are the gateway.

They are the future and the generations that will path the way into what will be written in history. They will be going out into the world. So we need to wise up and raise them well. Because if we want a brighter future, we need to raise the right type of kids.

If you have children remember this. It basically boils down to respect. Teach them to respect themselves and respect others. Respect their elders and authority. Respect the earth, respect the environment and the animals. Show respect to everyone and everything. So please please if you do anything teach your children respect. Then if we are all more respectful to each other we will in turn be respected. And hopefully all this hate will fade.

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