Foods You Should Never Freeze

Foods You Should Never Freeze

Foods You Should Never Freeze

Freezing foods is great for when you’ve bought in bulk and have excess, but don’t want to waste anything. And while you can safely freeze the majority of foods, there are certain things that will lose their taste, texture, and quality when put in the freezer.

1.Blocks Of Cheese
Freezing tends to make cheese very crumbly so that it doesn’t slice or shred well after. (To avoid this, you can shred your cheese before freezing it.)

2.Creamy Products
Creamy foods like mayo, yoghurt, sour cream, and dips will separate when frozen and then thawed

3.Soft Dairy Products
Sour cream, cottage cheese, and whipping cream separate and become watery after freezing

4.Whole Eggs
Eggs in the shell bust open when frozen, admitting dangerous bacteria

Wolfgang Eckert /Pixabay

5.Water-Based Fruits & Veggies
Fruits and vegetables with a high water content (watermelons, cucumbers, celery, lettuce etc.) will go very soggy when frozen and thawed.

Potatoes will discolor and lose texture if you freeze them raw; cooked potatoes turn waterlogged. 

Spices and seasonings should be stored exclusively on your spice rack.Freezing causes taste and flavor changes. Garlic, pepper, and imitation vanilla will become bitter, curry powder will develop a musty off-flavor.

Since most gravy is thickened with cornstarch or flour, it, too, will separate when frozen. 

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