Always Come Home

Always Come Home

Emotional Poem By Mother Titled Always Come Home

When you finally become a parent you come to realise all the hard work and sacrifices that your own parents went through for you. You come to appreciate all the little things they did for you, and the tears, tantrums and sleepless nights they had to endure.

Not only that, but you suddenly realise the unparalleled love you have for your little one is the exact same feeling they must of had for you, all those years ago. And despite everything that feeling never goes. No matter how old you are. They are your parents, and you are their child. Whether you are 4 or 40 years old.

So one Mom has penned this beautiful poem to put into words how most parents feel. Basically, no matter what age you are, you will always be our children, and you are always welcome.

What do you think to these beautiful words?

“Come home and bring your laundry…..just come home.

I don’t understand the whole “I got them to 18″ method as a parent.

Having children is a LIFETIME commitment.

Maybe I’m just different but I want my kids to come take groceries and toilet paper out of my cabinets when they are 25.

I want them to stop for dinner when it is their favourite meal at age 34.

I want to watch their eyes sparkle when they are opening gifts they wanted for Christmas at 40 or more.

I want them to know I’m one call away and it doesn’t stop at age 18.

They are forever my kids not temporary assignments!

Always come HOME!”

Author – Unknown

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