You call it ‘road rage’.

You call it 'road rage'

You call it ‘road rage’ I call it ‘agressively maneuvering around idiots who don’t know how to drive’.

I don’t know about you, but being behind a wheel is very stressful. Especially since half the people on the road don’t actually know how to drive. I mean, how any of them passed their drivers test I have no idea. Do they even have a license?! Now to any of my passengers it might seem that I have some issues when driving. I guess you can call it ‘road rage’. But actually it’s just the fact that I have to maneuver round idiots on the road! I admit that I do this somewhat aggressively. But not to their face, I just curse them in my car and occassionaly beep to show my anger.

I hate when I am able to follow the road instructions but the person in the other car doesn’t take notice. Then all of a sudden wants me to let them over because the lane is blocked or has road works ect. Well no, if you had listened to the previous signs telling you what to do then you wouldn’t have this issue. Or people the cut you up, or pull out in front of you without acknowledging you are on your way. The list could go on, because as I said I do have issues when driving. But I don’t call it road rage. And if other people learnt to drive properly I wouldn’t have a problem. So it’s not me it’s them.

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