When the dust settles.

when the dust settles

When the dust finally settles we will realize how little we need, how very much we actually have, and the value of human connection.

I really hope that from all the chaos we at least bring something away from all this. I hope that we can realise just what we have and that we all come out of this better people. Just to be more appreciative and thankfully for all that is good in life. Things can be so much worse, so rather than complaing and seeing the bad side, we should look for the positive.

It is also not the material things that really matter in life. Everything is a lesson. So this should teach us to cherish our friends and family. Hold them all that little bit tighter. It should also teach us to never say I’ll do that tomorrow. Because we do not know what tomorrow will bring and if it will be possible. So seize the opportunity and do what you want to today. There is no point in waiting.

I am sure that when the dust settles some people will go straight back to their bad habbits, but if even half of us learn from this it will make the world a better place

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