Tiny House Has One Little SECRET

Tiny House Has One Little SECRET

This Tiny House Has One Little SECRET That Sets It Apart From The Rest!

With the growing popularity of the tiny house trend, I have seen my fair share of miniature homes. From tropical bungalows, inspired treehouses and tiny hobbit houses, I thought I had seen it all!

That is until I came across this humble dwelling.

With only 218 square feet of space, this home in line with the whole tiny house phenomena. The video below shows the complete tour of the inside, show casing the gorgeously designed interior, full of reclaimed wood, a wood-burning stove, a full sized bathroom and even a second story loft.

BUT, there’s one thing that sets THIS tiny house apart from the rest – it happens to be perched up on a set of wheels! That’s right, this home can attach to a truck and be transported to just about wherever the homeowners feel like setting up shop!

I’m so jealous! Imagine being able to travel anywhere and everywhere and have your house right there with you. Next time I buy a house, it WILL be on wheels!


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