Things Only True ’90s Kids Would Understand

Things Only True ’90s Kids Would Understand

Things Only True ’90s Kids Would Understand

Ah the 90s! Was there a more incredible time to be kid?

Unlike any of the previous decades the 90’s bought brand new technologies which made it a very distinctive experience growing up. Here are just a few experiences of things every ’90s kid can appreciate. Do you remember any of these?

1.The Pain of Seeing Your Tamagotchi Die

2.You had to dial up the Internet, and it took forever!

3.Completely bugging out over Y2K.

3. Getting up to pee during commercial breaks.

4.Trying to Determine Which Spice Girl You Were Most Like


5.The Joy of Getting the Last Copy of a Movie at Blockbuster

6.Talking on a Cell Phone the Size of a Brick

7.Wearing a Plastic Raincoat to Stay Dry

8. Having a Huge Crush on At Least One Saved by the Bell Cast Member

9.Wishing Your Dad Was as Cool as Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire

10.Getting a thrill whenever you opened a brand-new pack of Pokémon

11.Wearing jelly sandals with everything.

12.Ridiculously oversized jeans

13.Feeling Like a Million Bucks After Getting Frosted Tips

14.Secretly Loving Aqua’s “Barbie Girl”

15.Swapping friendship bracelets with your BFF.

16.Wondering if Ross and Rachel Would Ever Get Back Together

17.Wishing You Lived in a House Like the One on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

18.Playing Nintendo Game Boy when you should have been outside in the fresh air.

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