Pizza Guy Delivers To Rudest Customers

Pizza Guy Delivers To Rudest Customers

Pizza Guy Delivers To Rudest Customers

A Pizza Delivery Guy Was Sure These Were The Rudest Customers. Then The Next Day, This Arrived.

We all get that feeling of being under appreciated sometimes.Even if it is unintentional it can still make you feel rubbish. There are many different occupations and services that are seriously under appreciated and the workers are taken totally for granted. In this case, delivery drivers are one of these examples. Tipping is a serious subject especially when on minimum pay tips are very important for helping boost the wages. So when delivery people snubbed its a big deal

A Reddit user made a post about a pizza delivery he made the other night. The total was $22.67 and the couple receiving it gave him $23.00 and told him to keep the change. Less than a dollar on nearly a $25.00 bill is an abysmal tip. But then something awesome happened.

They dropped this card off the next day.

And although there wasn’t a cupcake inside, there was an equally awesome note.

It is lovely to think that this couple sat down after their delivery, the couple sat down and realised the mistake they had made with their calculations. They obviously felt awful that they’d under tipped him. This must have weighed heavy, because the effort they put in to say sorry really does show. We are glad the delivery guy got a decent tip in the end. 

Source – Reddit via ViralNova

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