Married Couple Go To Counselling

Married Couple Go To Counselling

Married Couple Go To Counselling After Hitting Rough Patch …This Is An Eye Opener For Every Relationship

An unsatisfied husband dragged his wife to their marriage counsellor after he started suspecting that she might be cheating on him.

“I can’t believe my wife is cheating on me. I don’t know what it is that I don’t provide for her. I give her everything and thi sis how she choses to say thank you?” said the husband feeling betrayed.

“Madame, is it true that you’re cheating on your husband?” asked the marriage counsellor.

“No, that’s a lie,” she responded.

“But yout husband thinks you’re cheating on him, why is it so?” He asked.

“He’s been complaining that I don’t seem to perform much in bed lately of which is due to the fact that I am usually tired but he just can’t seem to understand.”

“Is this true sir?”

“Yes it is but I am not that dumb to believe that she’s always tired with work. I also go to work, why don’t I ever get tired as much as her?” asked the hubby sparking annoyance from his wife.

“If I may ask, what else do you do apart from getting up and take your bath, having your food and going to work?”

The hubby replied sternly, “Nothing.”

“Exactly,” exclaimed the wife, “apart from that I have done all the house chores, get the kids ready for school and go to work. After work, I do the dishes, go get the kids, get them to bath and prepare dinner for the family. What do you think I am? A machine?”

The marriage counsellor looked at the husband and said, “is this true?”

“Yes,” replied the husband.

The marriage counsellor shook his head and said, “being the head of the family doesn’t really guarantee a man to just sit around and watch his wife overwork herself. It’s not fair, women need a helping hand in everything they do. A husband who helps his wife even with the little things she does makes him more attractive to her than you can ever imagine. So I think it’s not necessarily true that your wife is cheating on you, it’s just that the work schedule which she has described just now is the one which is affecting her.”

The husband asked confused, “so what’s your suggestion?”

“I suggest you try to help her out as much as you can or not, just hire a housemaid.”

After careful thought, the husband replied, “I don’t think hiring a housemaid is a good idea. We could do a lot of things with the money we can pay for her. I’ll settle for the first option. I can be taking care of the kids while she takes care of the house.”

“That’s great.”

Nearly two weeks later, the couple was back to the marriage counsellor complaining of the same problem.

“But I thought we talked about this already last time?” he asked. “Then how come you still can’t perform in bed? Is the work still too much for you?”

“No, absolutely not.”

“Then what’s your problem”

“Oh, I am not the problem this time. It’s now my husband who is always tired.”

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