Man Gets Mad At Daughter For Doing This

Man Gets Mad At Daughter For Doing This

Man Gets Mad At Daughter For Doing This …But What He Learns Later Reduces Him To Tears

A short story was told about a man who works very hard to put food on his table. He has a five year old daughter who was very beautiful and heart warming.
Just two days to Christmas she noticed her father was unhappy owing to the fact that his pocket was very lean.

She decided to give his dad a surprise package in her little known way by using up the expensive gold wrap which his dad had the intention to sell to raise money.

Unfortunately on the Eve of Christmas when he got a buyer to buy his gold wrap, he saw that the child had used all of the expensive gold paper to decorate a box she had put under a faded Christmas tree. he became very upset about this and had to punish the child for her wrong deed.

However, the next morning the little girl, filled with the excitement of the season even though they had not much to celebrate, brought this gift box to her father and said, “This is for you, Daddy I want you to be happy!”

As he opened the box,he felt embarrassed by his earlier overreaction, now regretting how he had punished her.

But when he opened the beautifully wrapped box, he found it was empty and again his anger flared. ” You don’t give an empty present to somebody, there ought to be some package inside, however little” he said to the young child.

The little girl looked up at him with sad tears rolling from her eyes and whispered: “Daddy, it’s not empty. I blew kisses into it until it was all full.”

Immediately the father was crushed by these words. He fell on his knees and put his arms around his precious little girl and asked her to forgive him for his unnecessary anger.

The most important thing is life is love and sharing and not money or material things.

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