I cried when you passed away

I cried when you passed away

I cried when you passed away,
I still cry today,
Although I loved you dearly,
I couldn’t make you stay,
Your golden heart stopped beating,
We laid you down to rest,
God broke my heart to prove,
That He only takes the best.

Until you have lost someone close to you, you will never estimate the heartache that is caused. Losing someone dear causes unmeasurable pain that will stay with you for life.

They say time is a great healer, but while time does help, the pain never goes away. You simply learn to live with it as time goes on, you adapt and carry it with you.

As humans we have coping mechanisms that allow us to continue a seemingly normal life, but the pain of missing a loved one is something a lot of us carry around.

But rather than seeing it as a bad thing, it just goes to prove what a wonderfully special person they was, and how very loved they were!

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