His Hen Laid A Giant Egg Just WOW

His Hen Laid A Giant Egg

His Hen Laid A Giant Egg, What Was Found Inside When He Cracked It Blew My Mind

Like most people I love to have some tasty eggs with my breakfast to start the day. The large ones are especially delicious and are my favorite to buy at the store. This man has his own Chickens and when he collected them he didn’t expect to see this.

This is probably the largest Chicken egg you have ever seen. Check it out.

Just look at this thing when compared to a normal Egg.

When he cracked it open there was an Egg inside of an egg.

Source – Elman511

I especially love the commentary. He literally has no words to describe the size of the egg! ”The big egg… is a lot bigger.”

Not to mention the poor chicken that had to push that giant egg out! It’s not surprising the egg was huge. I’ve heard of a double yolk, but not a double egg. I wonder what the odds are of finding a double egg. Is this a first?

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