Grandpa Drives Car Through A Garage

Grandpa Drives Car Through A Garage

Grandpa Drives Car Through A Garage

Grandpa Wants to Know What Driving A Car Through A Wall Is Like. Decides Only One Way to Find Out.

Walter Thomas, from Woodstock, Illinois, is 91 years old and has a dream. One that is really very different to what you might expect. He has actually had the dream for many years… can you guess?

“To crash a car through the garage door.” Because when you’re 91 years old, why not.

Thomas’ granddaughter Becky Goers explained “My grandfather told me a long time ago that he always wanted to back a car through the garage door,” she said.

“He always wondered if the garage door would pop off, or if the frame would come down with it.”

For Thomas, there was only one way to find out. The owner of several gas stations, Thomas spent his time fixing old cars and watching race car driving. Goers shared her grandfather’s dream with her brother who wanted to see it come true.

“It’s been on his bucket list, and it’s been on the back of my mind,” he said.

After he was kindly donated a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo and found a garage that was about to be torn down anyway. Thomas put the pedal to the medal, in front of his wife, friends, and family, as Mashable reports.

The result? “That was crazy,” he said. “We really took the door down.”

Source – Mashable

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