Favourite child.

Favourite child

It turns out that when you’re asked who your favourite child is, you’re expected to pick from your own. I know that now!

In every family there is the arguement of who is the favourite child and who is ‘loved more’ or spoilt. It’s hard to be fair in this situation as every child is loved for a different reason. They are each my favourites in their own unique ways. So I used to tell each of them that they was my favourite. Then it was all fun and games when they realised my trickery and they’d all been told they was the favourite. Joking aside, I love them all equally. Truely I hope that they know it, as they are the most important people in my world. However, just for a joke I do sometimes like to say I’m quite fond of that kid down the street. 

But if I am being completly honest my family knows my favorite child is the dog! I’m definitely the only mother that has more pictures of my dogs on my phone than the kids. The dog doesn’t talk back!

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