Father and Son Lip Sync To Shake It Off. It’s Awesome!

Father and Son Lip Sync To Shake It Off

Father and Son Lip Sync To Shake It Off.

Some of the best memories are the ones you create with your family. From crazy grandparents to bratty siblings, it’s the fortunate events that you spend with your family that make the best stories.

This fun-loving pair love making memories together in ways that aren’t usually typical between a father and a son. In the middle of their road trip, the Guns N Roses classic “Welcome to the Jungle,” plays on the radio and the two jam out. Head banging and all, this high-spirited pair know nearly every lyric to this song- but if you think that’s amazing, just wait till you hear what song comes on next.

The classic song comes to an end and Dad’s favorite song plays next. Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” plays over the speakers and you don’t expect it. But the two lip sync the entire song!

Much props to these cool dudes for embracing every teeny-boppers anthem and sharing it with the world. This performance is awesome!

Source – YouTube Chris O’Malley
Photo Credit – YouTube ScreenShot

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