Ever Sense Someone Is Staring At You?

Ever Sense Someone Is Staring At You?

Ever Sense Someone Is Staring At You? Here’s Why!

Have you ever been sat minding your own business when you suddenly get the feeling that someone is staring at you? This is known as ‘gaze detection’ it is like an eerie sixth sense.

However this is not a psychic power. It is actually down to the fact we are hardwired to suspect someone is staring when we can’t see them.

This dates back to the beginning of man. We have adapted this as part of our survival skills that helped keep our ancestors alive and is a unique feature of both our sight and brains as humans. Without realising, we are sensitive to our environment and subtle changes around us. Therefore, some slight clue can alert you to the presence of someone else. It could simply be a reflection within your line of vision. Or a faint sound behind you. Sadly meaning there’s no sixth sense, just the standard five.

This In turn, leads to the scenerio in which the person you sense is staring, has noticed you turning around, and looked up at you in return. So while yes you are theoretically you are being watched, it’s only because you’ve turned around.

Another explanation is that as inquisitive humans we will naturally follow the gaze of people around us to gauge a situation as well as look for social cues. For example, people will make eye contact to start a conversation.

Another reason is due to confirmation bias. This means that the likely hood we turn around for someone to need or/and want us makes us feel the need to look to see if others are staring at us.

Overall, the ability to sense that we’re being watched only applies if the watcher is somewhere within our overall vision. As humans we also use our peripheral vision as a way to work out if someone is staring at us. Although this is not quite as reliable.

A study found that people were more likely to assume they were being watched if the visual cues weren’t as obvious. For example if someone was wearing dark glasses hiding their eyes. Due to the fact our pupils and irises are darker from the white part of our eyeballs, this contrast makes it possible to tell if someone is looking at you or past you.

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