Biggest Lies Ever Told In History

Biggest Lies Ever Told In History

Biggest Lies Ever Told In History

We are told time and time again don’t trust everything you see on the internet. However what do you when you realise that some of the things we believe to be historically and scientifically correct in books, turn out to be factually incorrect. Here we have some of the most colossal and significant lies in history.

1.The Great Wall of China can NOT be seen from space. This giant landmark, with over 10 million visitors every year may seem impressive. At 21,196.18km it is fair to say it is long however it is sadly not wide enough to be seen from space, much like most of the other giant landmarks on earth.

2.George Washington Never spoke the words ‘I cannot tell a lie’. Sadly as this story goes George Washington never actually chopped down his father’s cherry tree, therefore never said the famous saying in which he is best known for. An author named Weems first published a biography of Washington in 1800 and found it to be an instant bestseller. However the cherry tree myth did not appear until the book’s fifth edition, published in 1806. He said he got the story from a long distant family member of the Washington’s however in reality, the cherry tree story which has defined Washington’s character for generations of Americans was purely an exaggeration to make him seem more trustworthy.

3.The Lock Ness Monster is NOT real. The ‘Lock Ness Monster’ was just a hoax hatched by a man named Wetherell. It was first pictured in 1934, however on his death bed Mr. Christian Spurling confessed that it was just a toy submarine fitted with a fake sea-serpent head. According to Spurling, who was a professional model-maker, Wetherell had asked him to make a monster as part of a prank. Funnily, once the photo got into the newspapers, their little joke got completely out of hand and to this day people still believe that Nessie exists.

4.Vikings didn’t have horned helmets. This is just a stereotype that has been been adopted over time. There is no evidence that the Vikings wore horned helmets, and nothing like this has ever been discovered in any archaeological dig. While is is very possible that they wore some sort of helmet, sadly it is down to artists impressions over the years which have over exaggerated the headgear to make them appear more fierce.

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5.Micheal Jackson did not invent the Moon Walk. Micheal Jackson did the moon walk for the first time in public on March 25, 1983 and everyone was amazed for his dancing. However a man named Cooley Jackson performed it first in 1980 which he called the ‘back slide’ and he is the man that is said to have taught Jackson the move. Dating even further back a tap dancer Bill Bailey did a type of moonwalk in 1955.

6. Advertisements on American TV used to say ‘Cigarettes are good for your health’. Sadly Doctors hadn’t yet discovered a clear link between smoking and lung cancer, so when there was a spike in people suffering with coughs and lung conditions advertisment started using doctors to promote their brands. In 1930 Lucky Strikes was the first cigarette company to use a doctor. It published an ad claiming “20,679 Physicians say ‘LUCKIES are less irritating’” to the throat.

7.Tomas Edison didn’t invent the light bulb. While we have all been taught in school that Edison was the inventor of the light bulb this is not entirely true. In 1800 Alassondro Volta is the first to start work on the idea of a light bulb, along the way other inventors added elements to make it more efficient. In the end Edison simply improved upon the ideas other men who pioneered the light bulb before him.

8. Pyramids were not built by slaves. It has always been said that the pyramids in Egypt were built by slaves for the Pharaohs. However archaeologist have proven that actually the pyramids were not just built by slaves but in fact the whole community got involved. Most of the workers were paid labourers and they were well respected for their work, so much so that those who died during construction were bestowed the honour of being buried in the tombs near the sacred pyramids.

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