Best Of Both Worlds: This Cake Is Made Of Pizza

This Cake Is Made Of Pizza

Best Of Both Worlds: This Cake Is Made Of Pizza. Yes, You Read That Correctly

No you are not dreaming, this is really a thing. And we are not 100% sure on what we think of it either!

Feast your eyes on Boston Pizza’s bizarre effort to mobilize the consumer market around their one true goal, their eternal mission — sell more pizza.

The pizza chain is known for its outlandish and sometimes crude ads. Well the pizza company was back on the ad attack. This time the campaign invited customers to vote on 13 pizza “game changers.”

How many ways can we be expected to consume pizza? Boston Pizza’s prototypes include “Pizza Cheese Clippers,” “Pizza Beardkin” and so on.

While the campaign promised “If You Like It, We’ll Make It” further investigation suggests this might just be ruse to gain attention.

BP incorporated actual new menu items in the vote: A chipotle chicken and bacon pizza taco and “Pizzaburger” sliders which are both available on Boston Pizza’s real menu. 

Not surprisingly the pizza cake was leading the votes with over the double the votes of second-place pizza mints. 

However it may not become a reality any time soon I am afraid.

Depending on what gods you worship, you are either relieved or saddened at the idea of not being able to sample this crazy invention.

Photo Credit – Boston Pizza

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