A Simple Act Of Kindness Story

A Simple Act Of Kindness Story

A Simple Act Of Kindness Story

One day in the big city, a young applicant was invited for an interview.

The next morning he dressed up and made his way.

As he got to the bus terminal he could see there were more passengers already waiting than would be seats on the transit bus.

Not knowing what to do as time was not at his side, he waited anxiously.

Luckily after waiting for about 25minutes, a 14-seater bus turned-up.

Occupied already with 10 passengers, five other passengers boarded, including the applicant who luckily secured the last seat.

Unfortunately among the passengers that hoped to travel, was an elderly woman that could not find a seat.

She beckoned the driver to wait while she began to exit the bus since there was no seat left.

However seeing this, the applicant on his way to the interview immediately stood up and asked her to sit while he stood inconveniently.

In a short while, the applicant finally made it into the office where the interview had already commenced.

Ashamed of his lateness, he sat cowardly as every eyes glued him.

Coincidentally the elderly woman barged into the office and all the staff conducting the interview including their boss all stood to honour her.

Her son happened to be the company boss, and Elated that his mother came visiting, the boss offered her a seat.

And right that instance, the elderly woman noticed the young man who stood for her to sit in the bus and implored her son to offer him the job after narrating his well-disposed manners towards her.

To crown it all in a short while the young applicant was made the general manager of the company.

The highest form of wisdom is respect and kindness.

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