Reasons Why We Know Santa Is a Man

Reasons Why We Know Santa Is a Man

10 Reasons Why We Know Santa Is a Man

1. No dress sense
2. Never replies to your letters
3. The chances of getting what you ask for are nil
4. Beer belly
5. Will only commit to one day a year
6. Obsessed with stockings
7. He never stops to ask for directions
8. Too lazy to shave
9. He always wears the same clothes
10. Only willing to do a job where people leave food and booze out for him…

And he doesn’t wash the plate afterwards!

We get that this is his ‘work uniform’. But who the heck decided he’s have a bright red velour suit with white fur trim!
Much like men today you never get a reply text or call back. The never answer the phone.
I think the problem here is that despite telling them what you want, they just don’t listen!
Obviously due to the amount of treats and booze he consumes over Christmas eve plays a huge role in why his belly is so round. But you’d like with 364 days off he’d be able to work on it. Surely it would be a hazard trying to fit down all them chimneys!

But no matter what we love that Jolly Old Fellow. And hope that we make it to that nice list every year!

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