Guy Hated Seeing Snails Get Stepped On

Guy Hated Seeing Snails Get Stepped On

This Guy Hated Seeing Snails Get Stepped On So He Did This. What a Guy!

An anonymous user submitted a picture of this cool looking snail.

He stated that ‘’I hate seeing poor little snails getting stepped on in front of my apartment… so I pimp their pads out. Maybe people will notice their bright ass shells and not wanna squish them. Came home to this little fella after a long day last night. I painted him over 2 months ago and he’s still kickin it!’’ 

We are actually living for his amazingly kind gesture. It goes to show that even the littlest things can make a big difference to your life. We love his excitement as well for the fact that one little guy he painted is still around. We would love to see what other cool designs he has painted for the other little guys in his area. 

On a serious not though. I’m not sure how this will effect the snails when trying to hide from natures natural predators such as birds. Maybe he didn’t think about the fact they are now perfect bright targets for birds to see from up high. But hey. He’s just doing his best! The thoughts there! 


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