Dog Says Mama When Baby Can’t

Dog Says Mama When Baby Can’t

Dog Says Mama When Baby Can’t, All For A Bite Of Food

Watching your baby learn how to crawl, walk and talk are monumental experiences. When there’s also a dog in the home, however, parents who direct their attention to their human children are often met with a major case of canine competitiveness and jealousy. The video you’re about to see is a perfect example — and it’s unbelievably funny!

As the little boy’s parents try to encourage him to say “Mama,” while encouraging him with a fork full of food, the family dog decides to take on the challenge himself. The first one to say “Mama” gets to enjoy a delicious bite of Mom’s dinner… So, can you take a guess at who it it gonna be?

I love how the boy tries to push the dog away. He knows exactly what’s going on here, and he doesn’t like it one bit!

Mom’s reaction is just the best. She can’t stop laughing, and neither can we. Dogs are truly some of the goofiest creatures.

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